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Are you interested in a golf cart??

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Ok heres the deal guys i have the chance to buy 14 carts from a golf course where my uncle works in n.j. they are all 2003 either club cars or ezgo electric carts very, very clean condition and all have had new batterys in the last 1 1/2, they also come with chargers. the date to buy is oct 28 or later that week, so i was just putting this out there as a group buy thing to see who would be interested in one at $1350 each, please only commit if you are serious only and it has to be this months end after the 28th, if you are interested pm me here or have any question ask me . ill have pics as soon as possible, this might be a golden chance if we all do it iam also asking the members of my car club as well thanks and let me know,mad57.
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