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Hi Guys
I'm building a newer Auto-Bench , large enough to build an entire body and chassis off of . This will allow me to manufacture body and chassis combos without moving eather . I will also be able to create my own dedicated fictures for jobs that will most likely be duplicated .
If I get a 55 6 or 7 car and I make one square with the table top I can fab a ficture that will bolt to a particular set of holes to standard off of . so when the next one comes in I mount the car on the bench bolt it to the fictures to make sure or correct it for square before I even begin to biuld or modify and constantly track its its square as Im am doing so . here so far is the lay out of the frame work
14 X 6.5 foot platform that wil be eventualuy topped of with 3/8's CRS plate.

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