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Hi all!

We're going backwards from what most folks do. We currently have an automatic transmission, but we're converting to a 3-speed transmission with overdrive with a column ('three on the tree') shift for our 1957 150 2-door.

I'm gathering the parts necessary for the conversion. Here's what I have so far:

- steering column
- shift linkage (shift rods & bellcrank)
- shift linkage hardware kit (bushings, clips, etc)
- clutch pedal kit (clutch pedal, return spring bracket, cross shaft sleeve, 2 nylon bushings, steel spacer bushings, pedal return spring & hook, hanger plate and splined output arm)
- clutch pedal pad
- cross shaft
- cross shaft bushing and bolt assy
- cross shaft felt washers
- clutch release rod kit (swivel, adjusting rod, tension spring, cotter pin, and fork retaining pin)
- clutch fork
- bellhousing clutch cross shaft bracket
- clutch cross shaft pivot stud
- clutch fork pivot stud
- clutch fork boot
- 2x column shift linkage clevis and swivel kit
- 2x shift lever rubber bushings

Is there anything we can't pick up at a local auto parts store that I've missed?

Thanks in advance for helping out a newbie!


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I'm preparing myself for a similar conversion, if I ever decide to do it.
1) Tranny with overdrive, solenoid and govenor. Might want to go through it before installing. There are parts that wear in these units.
2) Relay, kickdown switch and wiring loom for under the hood.
3) 3rd member assembly with 3.70 or 4.11 gears to swap out the 3.36's you have now, or just the gears to swap out of your current 3rd member.

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1. Bell housing
2. Transmission mounts
3. Overdrive disengage cable and T-handle.

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Did you include a pilot bushing for the crankshaft? Don't use a needle bearing. My Astro ate 2 of them and took out the input, cluster gear, the tip of the main shaft and the clutch disc because it wouldn't center the input shaft and wobbled the input shaft. I had to rebuild the trans while on a trip to Idaho. Luckinly I found the parts in a Stick shift trans shop in Spokane and the local trans shop in Coeur d'Alene did the necessary press work on the input bearing.
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