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The video in your link is the best most complete one on the web.

I was at the race, but being a temporary street course, I could only see the portion of the track right in front of me, which was near the start/finish line across from the pits. And the wreck was in turn 5 of a 10 turn course, totally blocked from my view except on the video boards.

It was the nastiest wreck I've seen on a course like that.

To be honest, looking at the fencing they use, it's surprising the wreck didn't take down more of it. We did walk by the wreck area on the way out, a big mess, but couldn't get very close, as there was lots of cops and rent a cops, and of course the TV reporters.

There was supposed to be more races after the Indy cars. There never was an announcement over the PA, finally a notice on the video boards. We were going to stay for the next race (got to our seats late underestimating how far/how long from parking and entrance to the race area to our seats). and had been hanging out behind stands, got something to eat and drink and wondered what was up.

I also saw some news reports that the race was halted; but it happened on the last lap. Probably the media was just as uninformed as this spectator. I.e., the Indy car race was completed; they just cancelled the rest.

That was my first Indy car race. I probably won't go back without a new plan on where to sit, when to get there, etc., etc. Part of our when to get there problem was that it rained Sunday morning.

I thought the Indy cars were pretty cool though. We had a good view of the pits, and their pit stops are awesome.
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