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hi guys

i added a project here because i could not move my posts and pictures from thread driveline

after my project Nissan 200sx 1990 1800cc 4 cil turbo original 170hp with bigger turbo intercooler exhaust and computer and all 270hp
but alle thze money that i spend in this car whas not wurted

a year ago i bought a chevy 1957 belair with 2speed cast iron powerglide of a man that sandblasted it buyed several parts and painted parts he was selling it after not working on it for 4 years.

Tesame day he put it on the internet i cald him and in that weekend i bought it

pictures when i bought it

changing from green to original baby blue

engine when i bought it

after cleaning rebuilding and painting

cast iron powerglide new special +-2200rpm build converter from BDP
and new front converter seal and rear powerglide seal

engine and powerglide in car

ready for brake in procedure

the engine has sitting for a while rebuild sow i did some oil on the rods and rodholes to camshaft

after rotating the engine with starter a coplle of long times that i whas sure there was oilpressure and gasoline in the carb
i started the engine and did brake in procedure 20 minutes at 1500 a 2500 rpm
first drive

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Your pictures are big because this is a BIG deal:sign0020:
Great work Christof.:congrats:
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