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Bench seat leans back

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What is required to fix this bench seat from leaning back?

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A few more photos 3 driver side 1 passenger


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Is this what I am missing? I don’t have any on passenger side either, but it doesn’t lean back as much.

Seat Back Stops,Frt Lwr,2Dr,55-56

with that much lean, as mentioned above replace the seat back stops,
and as mentioned above if that does not correct the lean disassembly is needed to inspect the seat back frame then you may find the frame has failed and needs to be repaired,
to inspect the "arm" simply remove the side upholstered piece held by 2 Phillips head screws,
the lean on my front seat was due to a broken original weld marked in the circle except on the drivers side View attachment 397779
I agree especially since passenger side also does not have those rubber stops but doesn’t lean as much…this arm looks ok to me
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