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Bertha’s loooooong saga

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Ok, I am putting this thread together so I have a record for everyone to see, suggest, comment, and critique. I have been to the first six Nationals, all without Bertha. Seventh was the lucky charm! I can't let this happen again, it feels too weird.

Here is the list of what I have remaining to do in the next 334 days. By June 24, 2022

1. Get car back home to Auburn. (Yes, it is in Defuniak Spring FL. right now.)

Sheetmetal Work
1. Buy new one piece floor and trunk floor and install
2. Install new rockers
3. Install and repair quarter panels
4. Repair rust / dents in roof
5. New hood
6. New Cowl
7. Repair dash (knee dent on pass side)
8. New trunk-to-bumper panel install and smooth into quarters
9. Align trunk lid
10. Prep and prime and paint

1. Rechrome side glass frames
2. Buy and install glass. (Vent windows done)

Wiring - install AAW kit I bought
  1. Engine
  2. Dash
  3. Interior
  4. Rear body

1. Get motor running (already rebuilt)
2. Prep transmission (fluid and install filler tube)
3. Turn front brake rotors (they are new, but rusted a bit in the Florida humidity)
4. Buy and install gas tank (lines are already run)
5. Install steering column and wheel
6. Finish routing and hanging exhaust

1. I already have a complete kit from Gina Ciadella (modified 670 trim). It is ready to install.
2. Install wipers, radio, etc. Just enough to make it fully functional

1. Buy new bumpers (front and rear) and install.
2. Finish polishing all of side trim. I have all of it, it just needs polishing.
3. Get new taillights and install

I think after this, it will be ready to drive to Nats. Not perfect, not complete, but drivable. That is what I want more than anything is for it to be drivable.

I am tossing around set on colors now, but will use a dark silver / gray metallic for the car with a dark blue metallic for trim Strato blue / white. I still have to decide on specific colors though. Paint is now a mix of the VW Strato Blue and Porsche Aetna Blue. I am sending a sample to Orion Automotive and it will be called "Bertha Blue"

Am I forgetting anything major? I have had this car for 10 15 years, I need to get it on the road!!! Finished!
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I think its great to just see this progress Eldon. Sounds like you are on the road.

thanks for sharing and good to see you back at it. :anim_25:
You stated that completed items are in Blue. Well, I must be color blind, cause I didn't see any Blue.:) I'm not one that has to completely finish a car before I drive it. If it will start, run, and stop, I'm going up the hill!
:anim_25: with you 57, it can be done.

You stated that completed items are in Blue. Well, I must be color blind, cause I didn't see any Blue.:) I'm not one that has to completely finish a car before I drive it. If it will start, run, and stop, I'm going up the hill!
:anim_25: with you 57, it can be done.

Exactly, none are blue yet. This is my to do list starting yesterday. I am going to upholster the rear seat tomorrow while the hurricane is passing over. I have the foam and fabric to cover it under the upholstery.
Here are the colors I am thinking of:
1. Entire car: Overcast Metallic G1C

2. Trim / accents: Slipstream Metallic G05 (right next to Overcast Metallic on chip chart above)

Current status:

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Well, it only took 8 months to finally get the new engine in my truck and get down to Florida to bring Bertha home! In the span of 48 hours, I drove over 700 miles to get her loaded on the trailer at my father in laws, get home and unload her, then take the trailer back to my father in laws. Now to get to work! Here she is already nestled on top of the lift in the workshop.

Yes, I have a Ford truck, but it was my Grandfather’s. And it’s also a 1990 F250 4x4 with a 460 big block. I had a block machined, I assembled it, and a local guy installed it. It ran like a Swiss watch! And finally got up to 10.1MPG at the end.


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Good to see your back at it . Hope to see ya at bowling Green with your car . Later Jason
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Keep on keeping on ..... :tu
Cowboy :flag6:
I should have good photos tomorrow. I need to tackle the brakes, exhaust, and get the motor running first.
:anim_25: Eldon......Glad to hear that you are back at at it.
Worked on getting rid of some of the flash rust from being in Florida for 3 years. Cleaned up the rotors, tried to fix the leaking T joint at my rear brakes, put my power steering piston in, and scrubbed the tires and wheels. I started working on the exhaust, I’m trying to decide where to dump it. I’m thinking in front of the rear axle. The rear pipes I bought from Jegs 5 years ago don’t fit all that great. I have headers to a short extension to glass packs.

Thoughts? It’s for a 265, not a big block.


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Exhaust is finished! A buddy of mine stopped by and we used the hangers I bought and some well positioned studs and completed the exhaust.

I used one of the two holes behind the rear spring hanger and put a threaded exhaust stud in. It’s bolted on the inside with a jam nut on the outside. The rubber hanger slides over and a lock nut goes over the top. The metal hangar is tack welded to the pipe. There is 1.75 inches between the bottom of the frame rail and the top of the pipe on both sides. I have to add a small piece of rubber tubing as the steel rod will bang against the frame, but only if I get it to wiggle like crazy.

We cut the new tubes to fit, put the band clamps on the tail pipe and tubes, then I put a single tack weld on all of the joints jut to make sure nothing wiggles apart.

Steel hangers: Dynomax 35005 universal hanger
Rubber isolators: Bosal 255-113

It feels good to finally have something COMPLETELY done on this


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Good luck with your tasks! While the Nationals are a blast, you will really love it having your car there!
See ya in BG.

Pulled her outside and washed her down. Got all of the Florida dust off. Now for me to get the new floor pan and trunk floor bought and put in. Steering is completed minus steering wheel. Wheels are repolished to get some rust off. I need to find someone to massage the roof and rear quarters for me, I can do the rest.
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GIT-R-DUN Eldon!

At least get it drivable.
Heck, I've been to all three shows with the same car and it's still not done.
We want to see you and the car in Bowling Green!
Get your plan together Eldon..... get a little bit done each evening once home from work, and a LOT on weekends... and it'll get done! (at least driveable for the August trip).. Good luck!

PS. it was great meeting with you last month when you were in H'ville... and getting to know you a little better!
keep at it

Eldon see you and Bertha at BG in Aug. Good luck on getting her ready.Later Ronny.
Thanks All! I’m pretty certain that the health issues with my dad have put Bertha’s completion off by 6 months, both time wise and financially. I will be at BG though and I will try my hardest to make sure my dad is too.
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