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Hey all,
Just learned a lesson regarding the routing of the rear brakes flexible rubber hose...hope it helps you out.

I installed a 99 GMC 4X4 Rearend and in the process of hooking up the brake lines for the rear I made a slight error that could have cause bad problems later.
I was actually able to use the stock brake hose setup, by removing the mount tab from the original rear end...and attaching it with a worm clamp before welding in place. At any rate, I had the car supported by the frame rails, and everything had clearance, but when I jacked it up to check another area, I supported the car by the axle tubes and I saw that the flexible hose was rubbing against the exhaust pipe! I had to turn it all loose and reposition it so it didn't touch anywhere, then had to make two new lines going to each wheel.

Just make sure you check it all with the car's weight supported by the axles, and avoid this mistake! Well spank my butt! :reddy:


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Good advice Rod.....When I did my first grease job on my '55, I noticed that the PO had routed the right front brake hose, so that it was rubbing on the rim.....Wouldn't have taken long for a catastropic failure.:eek:
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