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Bias-Ply Tires for 15x4 Front Runners

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Looking for first-hand experience/recommendations with regard to brand and size bias-ply tires on your 15x4 front runners for street use. Not interested in using radials or drag tires. Already have a set of 165R15 radials on my Nomad with Ansen aluminum slot 15x4s but don’t really like the look of the tire. They don’t have the vintage side thread detail about the perimeter. I went with radials because that’s what is on the rear.

I currently have 7.35-15 Kelly Springfield tires mounted on Cragar SS on the car in need of new tires but KS are out of production long ago. I have looked into the Coker BF Goodrich and Firestone reproductions but I have seen a bit of negative/bad experiences with their tires in general specific to the muscle cars variety/sizes with regards to out-of-round, out-of-balance, and poor wear. Also, in the available sizes I only find 6.70 x 15 and 7.75 x 15.00, too narrow and too wide, hard to tell with the available dimensions. Also, they are $260 each + tax & shipping. Seems way overprices for a bias ply tire. All of the factors above make me hesitant to invest in their products.

Any first-hand comments and/or recommendations for Bias ply tires for 15x4 front runners for street use?

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Those do appear the same as my 7.35. The spec sheet didn't indicate for a 4.0 rim. But the look good. I also have tubes in my current tires (above). I do not have tubes in the radials on my '55.

Looks like you haven't used them, at east in the pictures. Have you heard of any issues with the Coker 7.75 repros? Any one you know running them?

I've used the exact tire on 3 previous builds, all on a 15x4 wheel, no tubes. one of them ran 9.63 at 141 never trailered.
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