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When I first put a 454 in my '55 with the engine in stock location, Desert Cooler radiator in 6-cylinder location, Danchuk plastic shroud, declutching mechanical fan, and LWP ('70s suburban) I used a NAPA #7694 lower hose. It is a hose with just a 90 degree bend. Hose was cut short on the radiator end. I believe both ends are the same. Also, the getting the hose and clamp on the radiator with the shroud must be dome from below. When it goes back together it will have a SWP as well as all '65-'68 deep groove pulleys and a '66 idler pulley set up to balance the belt loads on the water pump pulley since the alternator is hanging off the driver's side with the SWP set up.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts