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i have a 454 with small street strip cam , timing gears, tunnel ram. holley 450's , pro comp dist, pro comp coil, a complete rebuild. when first started it ran great . now somewhere down the line i blew an intake gasket and was backfiring . i replaced the gasket. now at idle it runs good but backfires and sputters down the road. i found the vac advance blown i now changed the dist to a oem points type and set timing at 18 runs ok but under light acceleration still coughs and backfires in the exhaust now . this is not my first rodeo with a bigblock ive raced many years and built many good runners. im not an expert by no means , but ive done alot of timing. checking valves. checking for vac leaks. now time to pass it on to you guys. maybe a fresh thought would help. i did install the cam straight up lining up the marks. maybe i should have run it at 4deg:hammer::hammer:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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