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Bolt cross reference

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Does anyone know of a source that I can cross reference the factory assembly numbers to show the type, size, etc of the bolts of a 55 chevy
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Welcome aboard!

Touch base with these guys, they may have a complete list that they would share.
I went through this hassle with my 57. There is no real information, the parts manual does not really help, I compiled a spreadsheet of all of the fasteners out of the Assembly manual so I could identify the pile of screws, bolts, etc in the containers that came with the car. I think I have it 95% right, or the best you can do is to find someone who has an un-molested car so you can see what was fitted where, a warning though, not all of the plants used the same type, and it also depended on the lateness of the build as to what was used, they were adept at improvisation in that time. I might add, that this site can be a huge help as well, you only need to ask - like I did!
I appreciate the help. Someone out there must have a list. Thanks again
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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