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Boy this SUCKS Carter YF woes

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One for the experts, no luck with anything similiar in the search option :eek:.
Six cylinder with a single throat YF Carter carby :D. The car would start but run very rich with black carbon out the tail pipe :eek:. If you start the car and NOT let it warm up enough then take off and stall (PG auto) you cannot restart the car, the carby would flood :mad:. Previously I would wait a day or two then the car would start :happy0065: Car stalled the other day BUT no luck in starting it this time, the motor sounds like it wants to fire up but just does not :banghead:. By the time I try it a couple of times theres a bad smell of fuel like in the past :scared0005:.
Since then I replaced all fuel from tank with fresh fuel and taken the carby apart, readjusted the float, new gasket set, clean etc :D thought that solved the problem but no luck.
I have spark etc, motor sounds like it wants to fire up but its like theres no detenation in the piston, any way I`m dumb founded, your help is needed :fahne19:
P.S I was going to replace leads, coil & plugs next.
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I would replace the plugs first...

O.K. D.S. you may have hit the nail on the head :D I removed and cleaned all plugs the ol`girl fired right up :congrats: I adjusted the carby so it now idles high in park, but when its in drive if I dont give it a bit more gas it will cut out. I`m thinking there may still be a problem with the carby :confused0006: at least it ran took it up the highway ran like a rocket, its the low revs at a stopsign in drive that worry me now :eek: any more suggestions as to the cause?
idles high in nutral and won't idle in drive - sounds like vacc leak, or idle mixture - sometimes the mixture screw gets rammed in (over tightened) and deformed - once this happens carb is really questionable as the seat in the body could be damaged - or (if lucky) just the screw itself

goes good with hard throttle, with bad partial throttle problem is in circuit transitioning - may be the enrichment circuit (not familiar with this specific one) or a vacc leak.

And my approach has always been to over correct the ignition first - never hurts to make sure you don't have something like a cracked distributor cap etc.

And HELLO friend down under - you have a beautiful country there - I spent 5 weeks and did not want to come home!
Angs1957, What i do and you might want to do is to put a manual choke on your carb. That way you know exactly what position the choke butterfly is in and where it runs the best.
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