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brace for floor replacement

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I'm going to be putting a new one piece floor pan.Where do I put the braces at?
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Not trying to sound crass but a quick search will turn up quite a few threads with some great write-ups and photos answering exactly that question.

Basically you want to weld up an X cross brace for each door opening and at least 1 diagonal from left to right. When you final weld your floors in do it with the car on the frame. Measure twice (or 2000 times), weld once, etc :)
screw it first to make sure of the alignment before welding. makes it easier to remove:tu
i put the first one of the black one piece pans that came in the country in and braced it at the kick pant and in front of the wheel wells, then connected it on each side(front to back) cut out the old floors and grinded then jacked the new one into place
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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