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Brake help on a 99' subaru outback

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We had a problem with the brakes for awhile,and looked at them yesterday and couldn't find anything wrong.
Well the brakes dont feel solid,they stop but the pedal is real mushy. There is no grinding or any brake lights on.
I took all brake calipers off all the way around,all pads and rotors are good. There is no leaking or loss of fluid,I bled the lines thinking maybe there is air in the lines,and everything looked good. The brake pedal goes down more then half way before you start stopping as I said a real mushy feel.
It will stop the car fairly decent but doesnt feel like the brakes are real powerful. So after inspecting all brake pads,rotors and calipers and bleeding brake lines,there was no change.
So after all that the only part left of the brakes is the booster and master cylinder,Could one of these not be doing there job,and anyway to find out what the problem is?
Im a novice DIY mechanic so if anyone could steer me in the right direction I would appreciate it,Thanks!
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This is usually caused because of the master cylinder certainly there could be some issue with your master cylinder and it is not because of the booster also .
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