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Brake Pedal Assy - Automatic vs Manual Transmission

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When I bought my car it came with an automatic transmission.
It might have come from the factory with a 3-speed manual tranny.
Or someone along the way installed a manual tranny, because there is a metal patch on top of the driveshaft tunnel under the carpet.
So my question is:
Right now I have a bracket assy for a manual tranny where someone has just removed the clutch pedal.
I have no problems driving the car the way it is with this setup.
So I'm wondering if there is any advantage in safety, pedal feel, brake rod alignment, etc that would justify the time and expense it would take to change it over to a brake bracket assy for an automatic tranny?
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The manual and automatic pedal assemblies are the same except that the automatic version simply doesn't have the clutch pedal and related pieces installed.
yup---chunked all my clutch pedal related stuff. Putting new bushings in my brake pedal as soon as they get here and going to cut off original narrow pad mount and weld on a slightly wider one.
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