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brakes locking up

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OK guys, help me out. I put new front disk brakes on my 55 about a year ago,and have had no problem untill recently. when i first put on my brakes the pedal is normal, but then the next time i have less of a pedal untill the pedal is to the top and the brakes start locking up. something is not releasing. could it be my master cylinder? something is stopping the piston in the calibers from releasing. any advise?
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thanks Billy, both wheels are locking up. this is why i thought the pistons weren't releasing. no brake fluid loss.
this only happens when the car is running, sitting in the garage, cold i can pump the brake pedal as many times as i want and no change. also,i don't have a power booster. any ideas?
hoping someone can suggest an idea to fix our problem
but i have drove this car over a year with no problem, does the link from the pedal to the M/C grow?
thanks acardon, your advice was right on the money. took all of 5 min to fix. backed off rod a few turns and problem solved. thanks again
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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