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Busy weekend but fun

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Wow, finally felt a little better this weekend so I headed out to get some more work done in the garage. I have a guys 57 Sedan sitting there that needed some attention. It was one of those "Who in the @#$# has been working on this" Someone installed a quarter patch on the driver side and rolled the 2 panels inward to form a crevous for bondo, I guess. So that was cut back out and a new quarter patch panel was installed. It still tried to roll inward but it is not near as bad. Next, the car was brought to me with no floor pans welded in. So, I thought it was a good time to work my new plasma cutter. Man, I flew through the floor pan install. It was a slice and weld motion. I installed 6 floor pans and 2 toeboards in about 4 hours, plus a brace. Yesterday I finished up some fabrication on the inner quarter panels and installed a inner rocker. I also was able to cut off the tailpan and found a huge pile of what looked like rubber to fill in the last 3 inches of the trunk that was missing. Tonight the 10" trunk panel and the tailpan will get installed and then it is one to installing minitubs. I have to go back and rebuild half of the tunnel as it is rotted out and was cut with a hammer for a floor shifter. Whoever worked on it last cut out the floors and rockers at the same time so the passenger door has dropped so I got to cut some things back apart and adjust it. I need to finish this car this week and get the 55 Ford done. Then a slight break and then a 66 Chevelle is on its way for a quarter replacement. A 69 Caprice is suppose to be coming as well.
My car is still in the shop, not being worked on....hope he stored it inside or it is going to be soaked on the inside....seals leak. I need to finish my 57 just in time for Almost time to buy some rims for my car and start saving up for a new interior.:party0031:
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sounds like your really keepn yourself BUSY :tu, thanks for keepn us posted :wavey:
good to hear from you josh. nice to see your making some extra $$$$, that will make your honey happy too. :five:
Josh no wonder your 57 isn`t getting finished. You are too busy on everybody elses rides. :D You will need to take some vacation time to work on yours now.
Get that work done so you have more coin to spend on your 57' Josh!

Josh, sounds like the plasma cutter worked like a charm. I have thought about getting one of those for a long time, I guess I just need to bite the bullet. Good luck with all the work. Save some time for your own projects.

My wife has said "let me know when you need a plasma cutter". She funded most of the other major purchases for my shop. I told her I'm still able to cut pretty good with the MIG.
Sleep, I wish I could get some of that. I am a rather light sleeper but try to get at least 7 hours. I have not even mention all the home remodeling projects I got going. I'm installing a new bathroom downstairs in the basement, get to cut up some concrete....wooohoo...not. I'm installing that bathroom so I can tear out the other bathroom to remodel it. We are also planning a kitchen remodel plus adding a full deck onto the back of the house. I stay busy but my wife knows I'm working hard for us and to finish both our cars (her 68 Camaor needs some work).
Gil, the plasma cutter is one of the best tools I have purchased. When you buy one make sure it is USA made. The consumables are more expensive but the difference between USA made and China is huge. I've used both and the USA is alot better quality.
I have not used a cutoff wheel since I bought the plasma cutter. I can overlap the new and old panel and slice through both of them and end up with a perfect match to butt weld unless my hand gets a little squirly.
I do pat my car as I walk by it and talk to it but it understands that I need the money so I can finish her. We agree it will also give me alot of experience for when I start another restoration on her. Thanks for all the kind words.
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