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Celebrity Rack and Pinion Modification

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Hey guys, I'm looking into a Celebrity R&P for my 57. I have done a search looking for info on what exactly needs to be done to the stock rack. ie Shortened and re-threaded.

Does anyone have any other information on the specifics of the modification. How short do the rods get cut? How far are they re-threaded, Is one side a reverse thread? I have or can get all of the stock pieces like the sleeves and replacement ends.

I can get a stock rack A LOT cheaper than buying a kit.

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Gil, Did u see the kit for TriFives Speedway Motors sells.... lot less hunting and not a bad price at all....:)
I'm sure someone will post with there experience , when I was looking it seems a rebuilt celebrity rack was over 200 with a core . :bowtier:
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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