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Center link overhaul kit

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Just received the center link kit to take care of the slack that was in my center link according to the front end shop. Noticed that there was a picture of the "inside" of the link on Classic Chevy. When I disassembled the link, I found that the picture was to just right. One of the "pistons" was actually turned backwards from the picture. I also noticed as I was attempting to reinstall everything, that the kit would not compress enough for the end link to start to screw into the housing. :confused0006: I took it apart again and just used one of the old springs (the new springs were about an 1/8" longer) and also used the old end link to screw back into the housing. Now it all went together ok. Anyone else ever had this situation? Were you able to go back later and install the other new spring or did it never make a difference? Appreciate your input. :)
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I didn't have any trouble with the kit. Are you sure there is not something down in the center link that is keeping it from going together, such as a shim or washer. Someone may have tried a quick fix to take out the slop. :tongue: It's not clear in the picture, but the large end of both plugs go towards the ball seats.
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