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check out these photos

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a buddy of mine sent me this link of pictures he had from when he was a kid. Some of the pics are hazy but they're pretty cool. Lots of gassers and not just tri-fives...corvettes, GTO, chevelles; all done as gassers. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Car Pictures/

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very cool, thanks for sharring charlie. :five:
Great pics ....thanks for taking the time to share them......:party0031:
Were they all his cars or just pics of various cars? Anyway nice album!
How is your project coming along? Any new news? Hey, did ya go to GG?
the 55, and the camaro were his but I understand the rest were just buddies of his. they were taken mostly in the mission district of San Francisco (some of you may recognize the views and backgrounds) but there are some, towards the end where they took that straight axle 55' (drum brakes and all) up to lake tahoe on I-50...HOLY [email protected]! that had to be exciting!

Hey bill,
how are you? We've been remodeling our kitchen, which turned into virtually every friggen room in the house so I havent touched the car in 6 weeks. I did go to the GG show last weekend...picked up a roll bar from Chassisworks! How about you?

BTW, did anyone notice the sale price for the 57? Made me weak in the knees!
Thanks for pictures.
Very nice! Are they from the mid '70s? Thanks for sharing!
Great pics was wondering that too were they off the same owner, wonder if any are left in the collection
Thanks great pics I was in Cal. in 79,80
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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