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I just wanted to let everyone know, that I have finished rebuilding my CI powerglide and it is assembled and mounted. The reason I had to rebuild the transmission is because it would not shift into Drive during acceleration at about 25mph, it would shift into Neutral. Tried adjusting the low band, it did not work, checked the governor and it was ok, trans fluid ok, replaced the mounts, it needed replacement anyways because it was sagging. When I disassembled the transmission, what I found is all the clutch plates were down to the metal and the pieces of fiber from the plates were all scattered in the drum. The only challenge I had with the powerglide was removing the 3 flywheel bolts from the converter other than that it was easy, with the proper tools. The powerglide is now working as it should, shifting properly.... Without the help of Farmboy's (a member of this site) help and tools he made, that I replicated and a video, I would have been lost. Thanks farmboy! The transmission kit I bought was from this website, when I ordered the kit, he shipped it the same day, excellent service!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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