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Do you consider a 1932 Ford fibreglass body car with tube chassis, NO original 32 Ford parts and the

  • NO, it is not a true classic

    Votes: 143 78.6%
  • YES, it is still a classic

    Votes: 22 12.1%
  • No opinion, I am staying out of this one!

    Votes: 17 9.3%

Classic or Not??

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I know this is not trifive related, but I've been discussing this with the guys for a while now. Here is the question:

Do you consider a 1932 Ford fibreglass body car with tube chassis, NO original 32 Ford parts and the car registered as a kit car with a build date of 2010 a classic car?

The discussion is, if there is no original parts, why is it considered a classic? It's just a kit car. It's miles apart from the guy who built the steel 32 sitting next to him.

Just looking to see what everyone thinks.
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I'm sure it looks nice.. but no I would not consider it a classic. How could it be consider a classic if it has no original parts (ESPECIALLY THE BODY)??? It is a kit car. IMO
I think I'd consider any streetrod based on an old classic a ''classic'',fiberglass or not.
I guess you could argue this point all day long . They are an alternative for the person that wants one ; but can not find an original body. Fiberglass bodies and other parts are available for quite a few cars today; tri fives included. It may be a copy of a classic but it's still a classic :cool:
Got the new Speedway catalog the street rod one full of plastic .they look cool
But their not a classic in my book. Out here in ca I would be afraid of the state
wanting to smog them someday
My view on this is that they are not a true classic. If there is no original sheet metal than it is just a kit of the car you like. You can't really say you own a '32 Ford then because your ownsership will read 2008 or 2010 or whenever you built the car. Without any original parts, it's not a true classic because it hasn't been around since 1932.
They've been repopin plastic bodies for years. I guess you could do a real nice job with some period correct parts,but look at some of those old pinto powertrained 80's repops and tell me thats a classic!!! I vote no!! Altough I have seen some real nice versions!!! It lacks soul!!!

I think a harder question is what about a brookville roadster? all metal... or one of these all metal tri five bodies? Personally I find this to be a tougher question,but I still classify them in the (not a classic) category!!!
Classic or not

You might go to, and look at "ABOUT US" and see what they have to say about street rods. Like somebody else said this is a subject that has been and will continue to be discussed and debated to no end and both sides have some very interesting points. :confused0006:
I built a 56 Handyman wagon from the ground up and sold it to buy a 34 chevy 2door sedan.(Outlaw body)I done it because most of the club members had street rods and I thought I needed one to.The only things used on the car was the 9" rear and 700r4! This was a killer looking car but it never had the old car feel that the 56 had!I dont quiet now how to explain it but it just wasnt the same!I quess as 1320/150 said it lacked soul!Needless to say I traded the 34 for the 55 I have now and I got that feeling back that I was missing!!!!!:DI guess that is what makes us true car guys we have to bond with our cars!!:party0031:
I don`t even stop and look at the fiberglass body cars. Just aren`t the same as old iron in my opinion.
I think the type of car you're refering to is a "Streetrod" not a "Classic". To me a "Classic" is a vintage vehicle, manufactured that way. It can be somewhat modified but still retains that classic look and design. There are many descriptions for old cars, Vintage, Classic, Antique, Collectible, they all mean something a bit different. Like Streetrod, Hotrod, Ratrod, Custom, Retrorod, and again all mean something a little different. I think a true enthusiast knows when he looks at a car which category(or categories) that particular car fits in, I believe I can.

Quote Wikipedia:
The word classic means something that is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality
I vote no. In your words - not a true classic . Needs age to be a true classic. '32 plastic is not a classic.
Street rods built out of new parts and new tech, are not a classic in the true sence of the word. They can be nice and I like them, but I'd have to call them special interest cars. I think a classic is something before it turns into an antique.
I don`t even stop and look at the fiberglass body cars. Just aren`t the same as old iron in my opinion.
I'm with you on this one Terry. I don't even slow down when walking by. Pretty, but NO SOUL. Lloyd
I would consider them to be a Classic Replica...
I vote no. In your words - not a true classic . Needs age to be a true classic. '32 plastic is not a classic.
I agree.....If it wasn't there in 32 then its just a fake.....No soul !...sorry but money can't buy everything :)
Just tell the owner of a 'glas bodied '32 or T-bucket he has a "kit car":sign0020:...then duck:)
Yet these same guys will bad mouth the guy that parks his 'glas roadster 427Cobra next to them for having a "kit car":confused0006:

There are more '32's on the road today than Henry ever built. Dueces are the iconic streetrod/hotrod and original all-steel ones are very rare and hard to find, not to mention expensive, thus those that want them have to go 'glas unless they have deep pockets and can afford an original or a steel repop.
I think they are "classic" in the sense that the body style is/has become classic.

To me a classic is like a Dusenberg, Packard, Alphas,pre-war Rolls or Mercedes gull-wing, many pre and post -war American or European car/sportscars are "classics" others are iconic like tri-fives, they appeal to some people, others could care less and head for the 60's era muscle cars.
That is what makes this hobby so enjoyable!
Not enough info for me to respond, for example does it have a small journal sbc with a Man-a Fre intake or an LS moter with a bunch of billet ^%$#.
Does it have a 50-70s tire & wheel combo or rubber band tires.
car shows and such should start a new category.... "FIBERGLASS" class instead of the typical "streetrod" or "hotrod" categories. :sign0020:

to me, i hate my car being compared to a newly purchased fiberglass kit car. as i see it, my belair has weathered 55 years and should be recognized for it. just my 2 cents....
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