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So I've got my front end completely stripped down.
Since this picture was taken, the steering box and column have been removed, along with the wiring and dash controls, etc.
I still plan to remove the dash brace to clean it up properly.
The only parts that will be left are the wiper transmissions and cables, and the parking brake mechanism.
I'm wondering what I should do to ensure the wiper and parking brake hardware are kept in good shape.
They seemed to work fine before disassembly.
Also, there's a small amount of surface rust under the dash that's fairly wide spread.
I can probably lie on my back and steel wool and wire brush some of it, then perhaps spray in some Rustoleum.
I do want to keep the car all original.

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If your not going to remove the components I would at least cover them, tape them closed so dust etc doesn't get into what's already there, under the dash, you could lightly scuff the underside then paint it when you do the rest.
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