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Clutch Shaft Frame Bracket

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Hi Guys,
I am at the point where I will be painting my frame very shortly. I'm still not sure if I am going to put an automatic transmission in the car OR some type of modern manual 4-speed transmission.
The Clutch Shaft Frame Bracket seems like it is at the original place according to the 1957 Passenger Factory Assembly Manual. If I do decide to go with a more modern manual 4-speed transmission, would I still use that bracket at that location or would I need to weld another type of bracket in a different spot. This would be helpful to know because if it won't be in the same spot, I'll just cut it off before I start to paint my frame. Thanks for the advice!
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David is correct. I would think about a 5 speed over a 4. If you have to buy one or the other, the 5 speed will be the way to go.
good luck.
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