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Hi guys
am going to change my coil from a pertroic square type to the cansiter type.Hard to mount it anywhere but on the heater box and looks like crap. was wondering if it's the same hook up.Where all I have to is move my wiring to same location on one to the other... Thanks Terry
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Yes, same hook up.
Thanks Don thought so..Now here's a quick question.Who ever had the car before me had the canister mounted to the manifold and always thought to much heat.So when I changed disturburtor and new coil the only room I could find was on the heater box coming out of the fire wall.Is there a good place to mount the canister since it is smaller.Its in a 57 chevy 350 small block
They had them mounted to the manifold for years, but I don't see anything wrong with mounting it to the heater box. Oil filled coils should be mounted up and down. Some think that it's because it is less likely to leak, but the fact is, the oil will not cover all the coils of wire is it's mounted on it's side.
Good to know. I have my flame thrower mounted vertically on the manifold where it was originally Jim

CJS That is great mounting,can't gat any better than that.:happy0030:
I need to trim and round off the sharp corners where I cut the mount!
is great way to set it up my problem is my dip stick for tranny would be in the way
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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