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Collateral damage!

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Don't you hate it when you are putting something on your car and you make something else worse in the process?!

Pulling off the corner A-pillar pieces while installing my new windlace and manage to scratch the dash in the process.

Dang it!! :banghead::banghead:
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Sorry for your bad luck... Among your options you could upgrade to a padded dash... Custom pinstriping for a cover up... Repaint dash... Better luck on the rest of your project... Later, Dave
Well it want help anything...........but you aren`t alone on this problem.;)
Now I know why the air looked blue down south of me! I did the same shortly after I got my ride out of the paint shop. Hope you are able to fix it with out too much trouble.
Sorry, I hate it when that happens! Dave
sorry that happaned. i have also learned that if something is working, don't play with it. ***** happans. :hammer:
Dont we hate it when that happens just remember all is repaireable :D
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