I have 2 57 dashes for sale $250.00 each plus shipping. If you have a project that has a messed
up dash. These will replace it completely. I will trim any remaining extra metal so you have only
the dash as it was welded into the body. These could be used also if you want to make your dash
a "bolt in". These will be just the dash. I will remove any other parts in the photo from them.

Watercraft Vehicle Boat Natural material Tints and shades

I have also #2 55-56 dash radio openings. The complete dashes were all either gone, or damaged
so I was able to salvage these. Trim to your repair needs.

50.00 each plus the ride

Gas Font Bumper Tints and shades Wood

All forms of payment. PayPal, Zelle or checks, MO's