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Ok here is the deal. I am ready to get rid of the big block and go with a turbo LSx motor. I am willing to sell just about my whole drive train, exhaust and fuel system and you could pretty much drop it in your 55-57. Obviously the engine and trans will fit in any car. Please e-mail me and I will tell you everything you want to know.

BBC 468 with less than a thousand miles after hone, rings and bearing. I have the rebuild sheet from the engine builder. This motor ran 11.30's in a 3900 lb car. only 7 1/4 runs since rebuild and under 1000 miles.
-9.75:1 compression
-oval port heads (heads/valve springs were checked at rebuild)
-Air gap intake
-Hyd roller cam
-GM steel crank
-crower rods
-SRP pistons
-Roller rockers
-BG demon carb
-MSD dist.
-moroso oil pan for 55-57
-aluminum water pump
-100 amp alternator
-Earl williams side motor mount (if i can cleanly cut the welds from my frame)

TH400 trans with 3500 stall
-pro ratchet shifter (1 year old)

Fuel system
-Holley blue
-1/2 braided feed AND return line
-holley return style regulator
-All AN fittings
-Earl williams 2" headers ($900 new)
-3" dual exhaust with manual dumps with and h-pipe,spintech mufllers and dumps after the axel (very well made)

I may possibly sell my cromoly drive shaft also.

The engine is still in the car and we can go for a ride if you would like. There is about $12,000 in this setup when you add every odd and end up. asking $7500 obo

Any questions please call or e-mail me. I am located in Chicago. 708-738-5097. [email protected]
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