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Considering this one...what do you guys think?

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Going to look at this car today...

Would change the intake/carb to a single 4 right off. could flip the duece set up on ebay...

Hope I'm not being a pain on these posts. I have literally only ever looked at 1 of these cars to buy and don't want to mess up a big purchase.
The one I looked at yesterday was a DISASTER. Looked great in the pics, but of my gosh, when I got there I was blown away how bad it was. The worst I saw on that car was they had notched 2 inches out of the frame on the right side for header clearance and never bothered to box it in or anything. I feel bad for that guy and he wanted 25K for that car.....
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I have Tri-power on my 327 powered 56 and I LOVE IT!!! If it's set up right and works well no reason to switch in my book... Nice looking 56 by the way... I wish that one was available when I bought mine 20 years ago:tu Later, Dave
could be a good buy. if you can, take it to a shop and put on a lift to check it out. :anim_25:
Looks good, check it carefully & drive it. Make a list to check about condition of car, what works & what doesn't, it's history, any build data he has on it, ask if you can run a magnet over it. Find out if there's any garage near by that you can get it up on a hoist to look at underside really close. Clear title & has it in hand.

Take pictures with date stamp on them of it, that way if you buy it & have to wait a short period of time to pick it up you can be sure nothing has been taken off of it before you take it home. Good luck.

Looks good but if You have to pay a local service station to put it up on a lift to check it out underside, maybe something to considder. looks good in pics so good luck! hope things work out for You...........BOB
Excluding the 'W' engines, didn't the small blocks only have 2X4 and the big blocks only have 3X2 'from the factory'? And the W's had both?
Looks good from my house. Really do look over and under it, lift floor mats and trunk mat. Feel of rocker panels and tips of front fenders. Good luck, let us know and post us a pic or two, closer up than his. Charles :wavey:
I passed. Car presented well ,BUT...There is rust in both front floorboards (like swiss cheese I can see the silver heat shield under the carpet rust). The body mounts on the drivers side are rusted out. The tail pan behind the bumper is rusted out. Why do people not address these issues when they paint these cars..
Really nice guy, just not the car for me at that money. Glad it was close.
The hunt goes on.....

Should I REALLY expect to find a rust free car for 18-25K ? Or am I expecting too much?
Run from this one...

Should I REALLY expect to find a rust free car for 18-25K ? Or am I expecting too much?
The short answer "YES" for 18-25K, it had better be rust free. And if you see any rust at all visually as easy as you did this one, then that means there's a lot more hidden rust you can't see, so you did the right thing, for that kind of money, run from these...
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