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I refuse to run the mono leaf springs and OEM shocks on my cars even with me designing my frames for budget guys. Springs control the car and shock control the springs. While the Corvette and TriFive might weight the same over all where that weight is and how much leverage that weight has over the springs will change all the reactive characteristics of how the suspension works and makes the car handle or ride.

But I'll also say I pay 750.00 for that front suspension and I pay $1,400.00-$1,800.00 for a Dana 44 rear end (Its looks older so I'm going to bet its a 3.07 gear ratio, perfect for an automatic 700R4 or 4L60E) so if it doesn't work well or fit right you won't be out a lot of money or time.

I would stiffen the snot out of the frame and install some double adjustable Coil Over shocks and call it a day. The only reason we don't use stock frames at Nerd Rods is because of the time it takes to modify them would pay for the new metal and every frame is a bit of a crap shoot. If they did that much work on it I would guess that the frame was pretty good to start with.

My .02

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