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Crank window won't go down?

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My rear window (sedan) won't roll down, and 'the crank won't budge no matter how hard you try. Is this an easy fix?
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Has it been working before? If not the regulator may be froze or rusted up. In that case you`d have to pull it out to see what is wrong.
No it never has, I've just never gotten a chance to open the door up. Is getting the panels off hard?
You`ll need to remove the door panels with a flat screwdriver or get a good panel tool. Then remove the sheetmetal cover panel and you can get to it from there.
to get the door handels off u need a little rod with a hook at the end to get the clips off and take out the handels, then take off the window moulding by taking of the screws, unscrew the lock plastic top and then take off the door panel, after that ur gonna see two metal covers, take the screws out and u can see the mechanism inside the door, its pretty easy shouldnt take u more then 15-20 minutes
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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