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Dallas Classic Chevy Show 2010 Pictures

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Nice turnout for this Tri-Five only classic Chevy show.

There were some nice cars, much better than last years show which was
over a rainy weekend.

Here are the pics:

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Thanks Geoff
some beautiful cars there
I really like this one.....must be the color :)

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great pics, cool cars. thanks. :party0031:
Thanks for sharing
thanks, always nice to see cars from another area.
Thanks Partner. Wish we could have gone
Thanks Partner. Wish we could have gone
Great pics, wow, Wish I was there...............
Pig is me
Thanks for the arm chair car show:congrats: Nice cars... Later, Dave
Yep, black and white is my combo too.......
Did anyone notice the mannequin in the red/white '56? That freaked me out for a moment. :eek:
cool pics. THANKS. I wanted to go, but will be out of town until next saturday.
Don't forget the ballpark swap meet next week..
Yes there were some very nice cars at the show. I didn't even make it in your pics :( It was nice turnout but I think the clouds kept a few away.
Man I need to get out more, truly inspiring.
Here are a few more pictures from the show. I think we had 48 to 50 cars show.
Good pics. I really liked yours when I looked at it Saturday.
Thanks, I enjoyed the look see.:congrats:
Good pics. I really liked yours when I looked at it Saturday.

Man yours was the sharpest looking 4 door there ! I would drive the wheels of that thing. You have done a great job on it and I love the color.
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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