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The new features.

- Brand new precision machined, light weight cast iron block.

- Big block Chevy cam bore

- .904 lifter bores

- Billet steel main caps

- ARP main studs

- Siamese bores 4.000" or 4.125" (unfinished).

- Extra thick decks ensure reliable head gasket seal.

- Blind head bolt holes don't go through to water jacket.

- Clearance for 3.75" stroke with steel rods.

- 350 main journals accept commonly available crankshafts.

- Uses 1981-1985 stock style oil pan and dipstick.

- Uses stock stamped steel or plastic timing cover.

- All OE bolt holes for starter, clutch ball, etc...

- Priority main oiling system directs oil to main bearings first for more dependable lubrication.

Dart just sent me a pic of the caps and bottom end view of the Pro SHP block if it fits your build contact your local Dart dealer!!!

31161112 is the 4.000 bore block

31161212 is the 4.125 bore block

And their will be no one peice seal blocks availiable because they have no rear main billet cap for one peice seal crank

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what kind of price for that monster

What we do to an SHP block and the Pro block

We take the block remove the main caps and radius around the housing bores and deburr where the rear main bearing set in, Chamfer around the freeze plug holes and rear cam plug.

Tap all oil galley holes deeper.

Relube and retourque mians and line hone to 2.6415

Deck to your desired deck height

Chamfer the head bolt holes.

Bore to desired size if needed

Plate hone and use the same gasket and hardware to be used in the final build

Hone lifter bores .844 on the standard lifter bores

.904 lifter bores we would want the lifters their to fit them.

Cleaned ready to go!!

I will send a PM to you.

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Got my Dart order in and had a chance to look over the Pro Block and so far have been pleased with what I saw and the mains were right in the middle, cam tunnel was right at 2.120 and the lifter bores were on the low side and depending whose lifters you are running they may have to be sized. To those who have asked about the studs on the outter splayed holes they are indeed 7/16 studs. Sonic test was very good!!

NOTE we have been seeing a lot of under size roller lifters lately and anyone who is building an engine should measure all the lifters and size the lifter bores accordingly.

Any one needing a specific picture of this block let me know!!
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