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dash lights

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Does anyone know if they make the dash lights in L.E.D?
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dakota digital seems to be the most popular. :)
Painting the inside of the cluster a lighter color helps to brighten the cluster @ night as well.

I use something like white, or silver as a reflective paint. Chevy used a light green that I'm sure if you looked you could find some if keeping the car original is what you intend to do. I know some owners are super hard core in this area. Not that I blame them any. I would do the same with my 210 4-door Sedan.

Over the years, the clusters get handled over & over. The original paint can flake and fall off. With the inside surfaces now a dull reflective surface the dash lights don't seem to work as well.
If you are just trying to make the cluster brighter, there was a thread somewhere that tells what brighter bulb is safe to use in the cluster. I keep meaning to find out and install them to be brighter in my car.

Found the post:
awesome, found some 1816 bulbs in ebay that are L.E.D, gonna give them a try and see if its any better
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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