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Hi all,
Installed a rear end out of a 99' GMC Jimmy with disc brakes in my 56'...and as you can imagine the e-brake cable is different where it hooks up to brake. The new rearend has a hookup similiar to a F--D rearend as it is a slotted connector that simply slips over the e-brake any of you know who sells a cable or connector with a link for this type of hookup??
Its great having four wheel disc brakes, but I really want everything to function...and using it as a parking brake relieves the strain on the parking pawl in the transmission. Any suggestions will be appreciated...
I thought about using cable splices but that would look tacky...I will try to take a photo of the link and what the original GMC cable link looks like this afternoon.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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