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OK guys, no more comments from here on out unless it is from the vendor. Any more and i will delete them.
Thank you for understanding,Terry.

P.S. The only reason i`m leaving it open is to give the vendor a chance to respond.

OK I will add this last response [as I now have been contacted by the vendor and will correspond with them directly]

I will post their response.

Now I would like to summarise the whole scenario and my conclusion. I have tried several scenarios to fix the issue [I do not have my head in the sand as the general consensus would like accuse me of ]

These numbers are rounded as I use millimetres to measure [and divided by 25.4]

1: I have an original 57 Harrison radiator, that I swapped a 56 top tank [more central for a V8 Hose application.] see photos attached of the look I was trying to achieve

2: I now have acquired an original 57 Harrison 6 cylinder radiator that need a re-core [I use this for trial fitments] I can use the top tank to restore my original radiator

3: The hood closes with ample clearance with both the standard and the modified radiator [I have temporarily removed the hood baffle]

4: The only advantage in swapping back to an original Harrison 1957 top tank is if I decide to lower the radiator

5: My fan is 17.750" diameter and the shroud has an 18.875" opening [leaving 0.5625" or 9/16" clearance all round with the fan central]

6: With the shroud sitting on the lower radiator hose, the top of the opening is 22.937" above the cross member , the bottom of the opening is 4.0625" above the cross member

7: The fan centre on my 6 cylinder is 13.625" from the cross member the lower blade is 4.75" above the cross member

8: The fan centre on my V8 is 12.625" from the cross member the lower blade is 3.75" above the cross member

9: so there is 0.3125" interference with the V8 engine [ so the engine needs to be raised or the radiator lowered 0.875" [7/8"]

!0: I could also notch the Shroud around the lower radiator outlet, and lower the shroud the same amount. This would require modified side brackets and a baffle along the top edge between the shroud and radiator support to seal it. [These mods will also be needed if I lowered the radiator plus altering the slotted holes in the radiator support ]

11: so the shroud has the opening approx. 1" too high for a V8 engine [this needs to be re-designed by the manufacturer]

12: It gets worse......... I went into "damage control" mode and offered to sell this to a friend that has a 1955 Bel-air with a 6 cylinder engine [he was keen to buy it, as it was already imported ]

This shroud measures 2.5" deep . The distance from the radiator support to the thermostat block on 6 cylinder engine is only 2.0" , the fan and water pump pulley fit further inside the radiator support

So the 6 cylinder engine is too long for this shroud to fit behind the support panel.

13: This shroud will not fit a V8 engine with front mounted stock radiator without extensive modifications , AND it definitely will not fit a 6 cylinder car at all . So it doesn't really fit anything at all due to bad design.

We can all be "chest thumping internet commandos" here. people can call me all the names they want, but they have totally missed the point . I already have a solution, that doesn't involve altering my car [but it also doesn't involve flogging a dead horse by trying to save this product]

But what about the poor novice who doesn't have the skills, that buys this product expecting it to fit.[which it doesn't] There are a lot of people out there that have to pay others to modify these sort of parts.


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