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We are from New Zealand and now have lived over a decade here in Australia. Its not the sorta place you can just go look and buy a tri five chevy.
Anyway we have managed to buy... A 55 4 door Belair Sedan,... A 56 2 door Belair Sedan, and as of this weekend will pick our 57 4 door Belair Sedan.
It's just the greatest feeling to realize we really are Tri-Five Owners.. So [edited for language] by chevman57 proud right now to have such beauty's in our midst. i cant explode with too much excitement just yet cause i don't pick it up till Saturday. But with Gods grace we will be dancing on cloud 9. Wot better way to waste away the hours in these Covid times than drivin your Tri-Fives... Yes I'm skiting i guess but hey these cars are are just worth skiting about. God bless the Tri-Fives
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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