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Just want to share my update. After working all spring/summer and part of the fall season I have finally put the 55 on the ground and took a little spin around the block. Drives and stops pretty good. :happy0030: I installed new gas tank, fuel line including holley fuel pump, dropped spindles, front disc brakes, power brake unit and master cylinder, all new brake lines, new rear drum brakes, ball joints, front shocks, idler arm, center steering link and bushings, new side motor mounts, transmission cross support, new ignition switch/door locks. I thought I would never get it done, now that the cruising weather is gone..!!:eek: Oh well may get a few days before it snows.:eek: I've attached a before picture and after with dropped spindles it sits a little lower. Still may install lowering springs and drop the rear 2"(that will have to wait for a winter project:D). Maybe Santa will bring me a set of 17" wheels and tires....???? :happy0030:

before after
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