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Firewall pad fasteners

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I was attempting to put in a new firewall pad in my 57. I bought new fastners and have a tool to install them. Is there a trick to getting them through the firewall? I thought this would be " a piece of cake" but they won't go through the hole. I keep putting a hole through the end of the fastner. I tried a little wd-40, and that don't help either. It can't be that tough!!??
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I put 2 or 3 1/4 inch fender washers on the tool then rounded the end a little so it wasn't sharp. spit on the fastner then wacked them in with a small dead blow . in my opinion the small shank is a little too long and the washers make it just short enought and smoothing the end some keeps the tool from cutting throught Just my 2cents :happy0030::happy0030::happy0030:
I think Hotrodg has the right idea. It sounds like your tool is bottoming out in the fastener. I used a cut off screwdriver to put mine in and didn't have any trouble. Seems like I might have used a little lithium grease too.
Just put in a new firewall pad. Made my "fastener tool" out of a couple of wooden dowels. 1/4" dowel for the piece that goes down in the fastener. Drilled the center of a 1" dowel, put the 1/4" into the hole, cut it to the proper length. Worked perfectly. One smack in the center and the fastener goes right in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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