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Flaring aluminum fuel line,,? Double flare?

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I bought a roll of 3/8 aluminum fuel line from Summit. I want it to connect to the factory fuel sending unit. Can I use my double flaring tool with a regular steel flare nut? I've never flared aluminum tubing before. It seems like it would be fine for as soft as aluminum is but figured I need to find out first. I hate to go buy AN fittings cause they're expensive.
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I double flared mine no problems, "TIP"

When unrolling the roll I found if you get one end under something heavy ( tool cabinet) and unroll it on the floor it comes out straight
The usual way of using aluminum tubing is to use 37 degree single flare and AN type fittings. Aluminum does not flare to 45 degrees or 45 degree double flares very well, usually it cracks or ends up obviously too thin.
For me at least 45s crack (split)...don't know about y'all....:tu
With the methanol in todays gas, I would never use aluminum for fuel in a street car, only stainless.
We use bundy tube, copper coated steel tubing, aluminium would work the same, make sure that your cut is spot on, rotate the flare, so you get the flare to have a good even face :anim_25:
Aluminum and alcohol do not live together well........
Aluminum and alcohol do not live together well........
Its cheap and easy, but not very practical in long run due to the above.
Thanks guys. I won't use the aluminum then, but I have to ask why a Holley carb float bowl is not affected since its aluminum also???? Not being a smart @$$, just trying to understand
Two reasons.
1. There is a coating on the carb parts which delays the problem.
2. They can be affected eventually.
unless you get one of the new lightweight holley carbs the bowls and main body are actually a die cast zinc alloy material. and over time they will develop corosion from methanol. ask any racer who has run methanol and neglected to clean out his fuel system.
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