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Went to the West Coast Car Show at Pleasanton yesterday and ran across a vendor from Washington State selling new/repro 55-57 Framed Door Window assemblies. He had a package deal for various models but for the 55-57 Nomads it consisted of a pair of framed vent windows, pair of main door windows and a pair of the side sliders with latches. The main door windows had the horizontal channel piece, glass and outer chromed frame. He was out of the sliders so I figured I'd order from him later on when he has the complete sets available but when I got home, I realized my sliders are in good enough shape so I really should have picked up the door windows at the show.

I've seen new glass available and new frames separately but this is the first time I've run across anyone selling the assembled package ready to install. Anyone know of other vendors with this setup?
Mike T.
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