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Fuel line inside frame?

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Hi guy's, has anyone ran thier fuel line (Rubber) inside the frame rail? It's some pretty serious 3/8 rubber line. Was going to pop out in the oval hole below the fire wall. What's the thoughts on that? Thanks
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I wouldn't want that inside my frame rail even if I could. Just too much trouble if you ever had a problem. And a lot of trouble to get in there even with a bare frame.

The 2 piece frame rails have a bulkhead every 2 feet or so. The bulkhead has a chamfer or notch on at least one corner, and theoretically there's room. I don't think the 1 piece frame rails have as many obstacles, but they may have a bigger single obstacle at the front.
My frame is a 2pc. frame and it has a lot of bracing on the inside. Was going to run some line through it and decided to heck with it after awhile of trying, just not worth it to me.
:wavey:Hey guys, my 57 coupe has the fuel line inside the frame rails (as it was as stock) should I move it outside the rail and why? Thanks for your thoughts, Paul:party0031:
Thanks for the input. I may try the fish tape thing and try pull it through. Wish me luck. T
Hey guys, my 57 coupe has the fuel line inside the frame rails (as it was as stock) should I move it outside the rail and why? Thanks for your thoughts, Paul
Paul he is talking about inside the frame itself.
IMO... You are asking for trouble by puting your fuel line inside your frame.
Best of luck to you TC. Ran mine outside the rail (V8 4 brl or dual exhaust position) just for possiblility of maybe vapor lock. See no real advantage to running it on the inside of the frame itself, except for asthetics. If possible, would certainly give a cleaner appearance. Please let us know is you decide to do so. Lloyd
OK, I think I'll run it on the outside of the frame. Got me thinkin about vapor lock. Thanks All T.
I just noticed you said rubber line inside the frame tube. I was going to scold you on that until I saw we had talked you out of it.

Don't run the whole line rubber on the outside either. Use steel fuel line tube.

55-57s with dual exhaust had the fuel and brake lines on the outboard side of the frame. That should be good enough to avoid vapor lock if you route the line carefully in the engine compartment.
there's a lot of great things you can find to mount the fuel line and still maintain a good appearance. But once everythings in place its hard to maintenance if you have to later on. Also if there were an accident with the line itself it could create more problems for you. insulated clamps come billet, painted, and rubber etc. Also a lot of different material options to use that look better than black rubber. good luck.
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