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Guys, I had similar problems on my 283 (heating and vapor lock) and tried several steps to solve the problem - moved fuel line away from block and insulated it (no go) - installed elect. fuel pump with return line (no go) - fuel lines were already outside the frame so I wrapped headers (no go). One day we had engine running and stuck a hand behind the elect. fan - it is a 16" puller w/shroud stuck on an AFCO aluminum radiator w/AC condenser- the fan was pulling less volume than it really should (2200 - 2500 CFM) and it was blowing a very concentrated stream of hot air right on the carb and filter (the radiator is in the 6 cyl. position). Pulled the elect. fan off and installed an 18" SS fan on the engine and fabricated purpose-built shroud - now there is enough air flow to cool the radiator (doesn't get over 190 in Texas heat) and there is sufficient volume of air in the engine compartment to keep the fuel from boiling. When all else fails, you might try this. AWC
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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