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HELLO TO ALL...Here is the problem...Holley electric fuel pump with regulator running at 7 lbs....Start the car everything runs fine for about ten to fifteen minutes then the fuel pump stops...Turn everything off for about five to ten minutes..Then the fuel pump will work again for about another ten minutes then die again...Maybey a bad pump or am I missing something stupid
Paul :eek:
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It could be a bad connection in the wiring to the pump. A bad connection can heat up and cause the connection to get worse. Does the pump sound any different before it stops? Check the voltage at the pump when it's cold and then after it runs a while.
You don't have it hooked to a circuit breaker do you???
NO BREAKER.....ITS hot wired to a switch with in line fuse
HELLO AND THANKS TO ALL INVOLVED with my problem....AFTER rewiring the pump and switch THE PROBLEM STILL EXISTS...I checked VOLTAGE BEFORE, AFTER and DURING and its getting 12 volts all the time ....SEEMS like its a faulty HOLLEY BLUE series pump that is over heating because you cant even touch it when it shuts down on its own but still doesnt blow the fuse,which I dont understand
HOPE THIS HELPS if anyone else comes accross this problem too
Paul :party0031:
Hi nomad13:)

Sorry to hear your troubles with your holly pump.
My suggestion would be just ship the pump to holly and tell
them whats going on with the pump.
Looks like you have covered all bases with the cars electrical wiring.
I belive its something with the pump.
Keep us posted. I also run a holly pump.
The Blue's aren't really made for street use, although they sometimes will work for a while. I ran 2 blues @ 7.5 lbs. in my race car with much success., but they only were running maybe 2-3 minutes at a time. I run a Holley Red on my gasser, no regulator, with a blown 454, and its plenty. You might consider going that direction.
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