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Fuel Sender/Guage calibration

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I've searched the forum but can't find a similar question so I'm looking for a little help. I just installed a new gas tank and sending unit in my '57 and the original guage now goes rather quickly from full to a quarter tank but when I add gas, it is full after only 8 plus gallons so I'm basically still at a half tank. Is there some way to "calibrate" the new sending unit to the original gauge? Any help would be appreciated. AWC
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try they have install info on stuff they sell. might be something there. :anim_25:
If it is stock it might just need to have the sender armature bent. I had to do that when I installed a new tank and sender in my '55 to get the gauge to read right. PIA to do yet I like to know how much fuel is in the car :)
Classic57 is it a stock 30 ohm sending unit?

Thanks for the help. David, I'm going to pull it and check but it should be a 30 ohm. It came from Ecklers so I "assumed" it would be, and I'll see if the armature needs tweaking G.R. - I agree on the PITA. I was hoping there was a simpler solution but you're right, I need to know what's in the tank. AWC
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