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Good Guys Pleasanton Pictures

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Man what a show this round. First thing I encountered way a bunch of fantastic TriFives from Canada. Then I turn around and saw Chevys scattered thought the show. There were cars of all types but it was obvious that Chevy was king. I met Rudy "belairrudy" and his wonderful wife today. We chatted for a couple hours - While Randy was out avoiding me... so I ate his lunch. ;)

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OK, not to be left out I have a few photos and whats amazing I never saw any of the cars that Phil took pictures of. Folks this was by far the largest display of great cars in one spot that I have ever seen. There were some top notch vehicles there and many for sale too. While there were a lot of TriFives many were returns that I have posted before, so I looked the for the unusual ones to put here. So here are a few:

This is one of the best blue paint jobs I have seen, just popped at you and the interior is to be marveled.

Now here is a something to wonder about:

Now even for being red this 55 is beautiful inside and out:

Now here is two beautiful cars :D right Rudy:sign0020::sign0020:

Oh, sorry I missed you Phil, seemed like I sat there a lot, but as soon as I left I guess you came by:rolleyes:, catch up to you next time, unless your coming back Sunday.

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Oh yeah, here is something you won't see too often. Very good craftsmanship to create a 1954 RV. Looks like they used an Airstream trailer to make the camper out of and an old flatbed truck, just too cool:tu

I'll see if I can get some others on Sunday.

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Good stuff guys keep the pics coming love that Red 55 !!

Wow seems like you fellas had a ball :happy0030:
Thought I would add a few more wagons to this picture gallery :) A a 64 Impala SS since I have one and I never have seen one this clean...

This was a corvette chasis with new corvette engine...every other wagon owner said they would give up theirs for this thing....very nice!

This was probably my fav

The cleanest 64 I have ever seen

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Great pictures and a lot of fantastic cars. :congrats:

Thanks for sharing. :shakehands:
great pics everyone, thanks! :party0031:
JDS thanks for the pics and welcome here, nice to have another bay area guy around:wavey:

All right I slept in a little today, but on my way there now for some more fun and great viewing,

Beautiful rides :tu:tu:tu
Wish I would have been there :cool:

Thanks for sharing!
Took a few more pics today, way less cars there today and the weather was great, go figure:confused0006:

This was a real nice convertible

OK here is Kyles car, one of the very best builds I have seen, the photos he posted don't do it justice. You have to see it and stick your head inside to smell that great leather and suede:tu Looked for him and his father a few times, but couldn't find them around the car to say hi:shakehands:

Here is a pretty cool Chevy, yea its been posted before, but worthy of another picture

A little project car here, you can't see it, but there is a sticker on the passenger fender that says not to touch the car:D

Love the blacked out radiator and front engine compartment look on this one

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Great photos' post some more enjoy looking at them


otis :)
I've been to three different GoodGuys events, the one in Wa, Co, and Az....and I don't think any other events have as great a turnout...theres always some great vechicles on display...seems like everytime you walk around you spot something new. NSRA events are good but they used to be exclusively rods,don't know about now since they changed the year limit.

y'all got some good lookin' rides in that part of the country...nice pics, thanks:)
I certainly enjoyed the pictures!!

Car Show

You-all done good with the pics. And looks like the weather was nice, too. Thanks for a job well done. Charles :wavey:
Looks like some nice cars there...a Goodguys event is going to be on my 2011 schedule...

Had a great time at the show. Took some pics... but I think they are pretty much the same pics as the others already posted. It was great to meet Phil (ratpackin), Randy57 and Mel56.
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