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Griaz from Austria

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Hello from Austria

my name is andy, I am very interested at the tri chevys. now I am search for a interesting 55 or 56 chevy station. on the search in www, I came also to your forum. I am happy to found this forum, its very interesting.
I hope, a few people can help me on my way to find a good car ...

I am also member from the biggest car club in austria.

Now I have a dodge ram year 2002
and a ac cobra replica
this cars for trade ...

Best regards

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Welcome to Tri Five Andy. Good luck on the 55 search.
Andy welcome to tri-5

keep us posted on your 55/56 wagon find :tu
:hello: hi andy and welcome. good to have you here and good hunting on getting that trifive. :anim_25:
Welcome from California Andy! Hope you find that TriFive soon.

Hi Andy and Welcome to TriFive :)

:sign0016:to trifive Andy:wavey: Glad you found us... Later, Dave
Hello Andy
welcome aboard
I Just love those Cobra's....have done since I went for a ride in a friends one
that was powered by a 427......Exhilarating ride , just all power
closest thing to sitting on a bullet this side of top fuel drag racing !
Welcome Andy! :shakehands:
Thanks for your friendly greetings :happy0030:
Welcome Andy.

I have friends living in Völkermarkt. Where abouts are you?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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