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Hardtop flipper install.

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I had the flippers restored and now getting around to installing them.
Today I got the passenger side installed. Still need to get the back to close without slamming the door.
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If you are using the rubber (bogus) seal under them, trim it so it does not make contact with the flipper hinge area. Otherwise it restricts
it from closing properly.

From the photo, I think the front is in to much. Because of this the flipper front spring is not giving you 100%. Some times I have had to
elongate the first hole to get it to move out more.
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No way to post the original articles I wrote years ago for Bow Tie Chevys on all the adjustment for these flippers. The article was more
than 10 pages in 2 different monthly issues with photos and text.

On some original cars I have found water proof cardboard used as a shim between the seal and the body in the center. The seal was
also made with a slight taper from the outside edge to the inner edge. This also helped the flipper rotate so it would close better. This seal
was more like a plastic material than rubber which also helped. The lip on it would cover the hinge and not get sucked into the hinge
like the repro junk one sold today. I have told countless guy to just cut the lip off so it will not interfere with the function, of the hinge.
Nope.....I can't replicate the photos I took years ago. They were done with real film, and I sent them with the text for the article. All was done
in B/W. Copying the article would not give the same detail
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