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Have extra clips for back 57 back window

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My '57 is my daily driver. It's been out of commission for 2 months. I've been riding my bike. The problem is I had the back window taken out to fix a leak and now no one makes clips to put the back window back in. They said august, now they say october.

If anyone has any of these clips that I could have, I'll gladly give them back when I'm able to get new ones. As of now, I need like 16 or 18, or however many the back window holds, and until I get them, I can't drive my car.

I managed to get some from Danchuck, and both bags of them were apparently bad metal. The window guy, who's been doing this for 30 years, said every one of them but one just broke putting them in.

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my local glass guy had them in stock they are used in other gm up into 62 bubble tops
I got a website from another guy. If that doesn't pan out, I may try to contact your guy. Thanks for the tip!

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